Turn your Nokia N82 into a voice quality testing device!


Great news about use of AQuA software – now you can easily test voice quality in your or any other mobile network just by using your Nokia N82 mobile phone and Sevana AQuA software. Here is how you can do it.

First of all do you know that  you can record phone calls you make with your Nokia N82 phone? During a phone call just hit Menu on your keypad, select Applications > Media > Recorder. Select Options > Record Sound Clip to record your current phone call. Now you have an audio file for the so called non-intrusive voice quality testing. However, AQuA is the means to do intrusive voice quality testing and therefore we need a reference audio file. There are a couple of simple ways to test voice quality in your mobile network:

1. If your operator allows uploading a greeting audio file into your voice mailbox then you just need another phone or SIM card:

Step 1: Upload a reference audio (you can also use the speech model audio file provided with AQuA for most accurate voice quality testing or just any audio) to your mobile operator facilities as your voice mailbox greeting message (that will be the reference audio) and set your connection to forward all calls to your voice mail when  your phone is unreachable or turned off. Now switch your phone off – you have just created an answering machine to test voice quality of your mobile network!

Step 2: Use another SIM card of the same or other mobile network (depending whether you like to test voice quality in your mobile network or the quality of a voice call from one mobile network to another), insert it in your phone and dial the phone number of the SIM card you used to store audio to your voice mailbox.

Step 3: Your call will be forwarded to your voice mailbox and you will hear the greeting message you uploaded. Record the call as described above, transfer the audio file to your computer and use AQuA to test the original file quality against the recorded one and you will receive objective estimation in percentage of quality, Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and PESQ-like values.

2. You can use an ordinary answering machine (the best digital, so you can upload digital recording into it) in the same manner and plug it into a phone socket of a fixed line. This way you will test voice quality between your mobile operator and fixed line (PSTN) provider.

3. You can use a mobile modem with voice feature enabled (to create a mobile answering machine) and make phone calls from your N82 to it thus testing voice quality between two mobile devices.

Do you have a virtual number and like to test voice quaity between your moblie network and virtual number provider? just set it to forward calls to voice mail and make sure that the greeting message is the same as your reference audio.

Special issue of this post:

– you don’t have to buy AQuA for doing these tests, just contact us and we’ll do testing ourselves providing you with CSV or XML file with the test results

Good luck with your tests!



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