AQuA Meter – waveform analysis to get continous MOS scores for your network

AQuA Meter


We would like to offer you to learn about our new application that performs scheduled voice test calls to a predefined
echo server and then uses our AQuA web service to evaluate the call quality.

We developed it because several VoIP service providers have inquired us for a possibility to make test calls from local machines within
their customers’ network.

A typical example is when you provide VoIP communications to a company that rents its premises (including an Internet connection) in a
business center. In this case it is quite important to monitor voice call quality from different computers in the office space to the
service provider’s server.

This is a cross platform (Windows, Linux, MAC) Java application and uses our latest developments in waveform analysis to evaluate voice call quality:

The setup is simple: our application calls the echo server (apparently provided by the VoIP service provider), plays a reference audio and records the playback from the echo server and can thus provide overall (both ways) call quality analysis.

We are very interested to receive your feedback and feature wishlist. The application is free.

Best Regards,

Sevana Oy/Oü


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